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I started attending the University of Michigan in 2020 and will be graduating May 2024. I am particularly interested in information security, software engineering, and game development.

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ARM/AARCH64 Strong Speculative Load Hardening

LLVM already has mitigations against spectre v1 variants with speculative load-hardening (SLH). However, current research finds this is still susceptible to control flow and data leakage attacks. Ultimate SLH (USLH) was proposed in USENIX ‘23 which adds passes to mitigate most forms of v1 vulnerabilities that also built upon existing work named SSLH. These were specifically designed for x86 usage, as such, we developed various PoC attacks to show that ARM was vulnerable and updated the AARCH64SLH Pass to fix various vulnerabilities outlined in the paper.


After tutoring another student with muscular dystrophy, one of our co-founders realized that the drums, while a fun and stimulating way to exercise key motor skills, were not always accessible. Between the inherent nature of the instrument and its rigid physical form, individuals with limited range of motion and muscular strength often struggle to find a way to play. We designed drummvr to specifically counteract these core problems, providing an impact-free VR environment with a fully customizable drumset.

Some more about me

Potential 6'4 225 5 Star Edge Rusher

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    C++, C, Python, Java, Unreal Engine, Unity, Assembly(x86), Linux/Unix, Scripting, Git, JUnit, Spring Framework, Mock, PostgreSQL

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    Cybersecurity, Machine Learning, Operating Systems, Cryptography, Augmented and Extended Reality (XR), Data Structures and Algorithms, Computer Organization, Probability, Statistics and Data Analysis, Computer Pragmatics, Financial Math, Foundations of Computer Science


Here's a link to my resume and links to some of my work