Augmented and Virtual Reality

EECS 498 Projects in VR and AR

Former BBB Caen Lab Simulator

With a partner, reacreated the now closed CAEN lab near the entrance of the Bob Betty Beyster Building in Unreal Engine 5. Within Unreal Engine, all interactions and logic were done with Blueprints, while work organization was done using kanban on Jira.


With a partner, created a Pokemon Go-esk game where you earn money by planting trees that increase in money general by its age and type. Meanwhile, if a squirrel spawned nearby a tree you planted, you would subsequently lose half of all production. Additionally, there were landmarks that unlocked new types of seed. Work organization was done using Sprints and agile devlopment on Jira.


My final project in the class that was shown off at an AR/VR showcase. After tutoring another student with muscular dystrophy, one of our co-founders realized that the drums, while a fun and stimulating way to exercise key motor skills, were not always accessible. Between the inherent nature of the instrument and its rigid physical form, individuals with limited range of motion and muscular strength often struggle to find a way to play. We designed drummvr to specifically counteract these core problems, providing an impact-free VR environment with a fully customizable drumset.